Netball Game Rules for Starters

Newcomers and young enthusiasts diving into the world of netball can swiftly delve into the game by familiarizing themselves with these top six netball rules designed for absolute beginners and youth. This serves as a basic introduction to the essential principles, making it an ideal starting point for anyone eager to grasp the fundamentals of playing netball within a short span of five to ten minutes of reading.

  1. Squad and Team Players

The list of ten pivotal netball rules commences with specifying the number of players permitted in a team. A complete team comprises seven playing positions on the court, with a requirement of at least five players.

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  1. Netball Equipment

Adherence to appropriate netball equipment, including color-coded bibs, is mandatory for all team players. Playing without proper indoor trainers or court footwear is strictly discouraged.

  1. Rules of Netball General Play

Within three seconds, players must pass the ball to a teammate or aim for the goal while standing. The netball rules allow a single bounce to gain control of the ball, but there must be adequate space for a third player between the hands of the thrower and catcher.

  1. Netball Rules for Beginners: Footwork

Players can receive the ball on one or two feet, but they must not hop or drag the landing foot. The regulations permit movement of no more than 1.5 steps with the ball.

  1. Simple Rules of Netball Scoring

Only the Goal Shooter or Goal Attacker has the authority to shoot the ball, and they must position themselves within the goal circle to score. To consider it a goal, someone must pass the ball entirely through the ringed hoop.

  1. How to Win the Netball Match

The conclusive addition to these ten netball rules aptly titles it ‘how to win the game.’ Teams secure victory by scoring more points than the opponent within the regulation play time of four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes.

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