4 Tips That Make It Easier To Adjust To The New Stage Of Your Life: University

When you finally get to the university you’re going to be overwhelmed with mix of emotions. There’s the excitement about finally getting to university and all the chilling that it promises, and there’s also the nervousness of starting this next big stage of your life. And adjusting to the new normal isn’t always the easiest. Here are 4 tips that will make adjusting to your new university life that much easier.

Remember That Everyone Is Trying Their Best Too

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During your first week or two you’re going to see people bonding and talking to each other like they’ve known each other they’re whole lives. Things are usually not what they seem. No one is actually that comfortable finding themselves in a new environment being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar surroundings. Remember you’re not doing anything “wrong” and give yourself time to adjust to the university environment and culture.

Be Nice To Your Roommates. But Not Too Nice

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It’s no secret that you should try and get along with the people that you’re going to be spending at least the next academic year with. Your room is the place that’s supposed to be your safe space. If you don’t get along with your roommates, your university experience is already off to a bad start. So be nice to your roommates and be on good terms but not so nice that you get taken advantage of.

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Find People Who Are Doing Your Course ASAP

The next trick to make sure that you have a good university experience is to find people who are doing the same course as you as quickly as possible. When you find your course mates everything academic gets so much easier. All of a sudden you don’t have to find the motivation to go to lectures every single time because Kwame will text to make sure you’re coming.

Find The Free WiFi

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On second thought this should have probably been the point at the top of this list. As soon as you get to campus, you want to keep a lookout for all the places that have free Wifi. Those will be important later. Data in Ghana is too expensive to not have a place to get all your software updates and Netflix episodes for free.

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